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Do you have old cassettes and video tapes lying around? Don’t have anything to play them on anymore? Why not convert them to digital? Roylaines specialist technicians can convert audio and video cassettes to DVD and CD, ensuring that your special memories aren’t stuck in the past.

Compared to digital technology, video and audio tapes are highly sensitive to mold, tears and stretching which reduces the quality and lifespan of the tapes. While our technicians can repair minor tears, tapes can become damaged beyond repair. Having your tapes converted to digital is a small price to pay compared to losing precious memories.

Video Tape to DVD Conversion

$60 per 2 hours (Maximum of 2 tapes per DVD)

Basis of charges for your DVD order:

1. One video of 180 minutes ( 3 Hours) = 2 DVD's $120

2. Two videos each of 60 minutes ( total 2 Hours) = 1 DVD's $60

3. Two videos each of 90 minutes ( total 3 Hours) = 2 DVD's $120

Audio Tape to CD Conversion

$60 each

Movie Film to DVD Conversion

3" = 50 ft, 4" = 100 ft, 5" =200 ft, 6" = 300 ft, 7" = 400 ft

Setup fee $80 plus 25 cents per foot

$60 per 2 hours (Maximum of 2 tapes per DVD)

8mm, 16mm, Super 8 film

Helpful hints on your memories

About our DVD player:

In Australia we are using PAL system that is different then the American system NTSC. We can play all type of DVDs in our DVD players. In America they can play only NTSC DVD’s. We are able to assist you with converting one format to the other. Most of the DVD Player today is able to play:

Music CDs (audio), the music CD can contain a maximum of 80mins

Data music CD, this option is been used when more music time needs to be put on the same CD.

Data Photos CD, by having all your photos on a data CD in the same/main directory (not folders!) your DVD player is able to present the photos one at the time. No editing needed! No extra cost!

Data DVD, this option is perfect to store all type of formats total size 4.7GB.

Movie DVD: this is the most common way to store movies, and it is the best way to Save your precious memories for generation to come.

 How to handle a DVD

We are recording the information on the surface of the DVD. Please treat the DVD with respect; do not place it anywhere except the DVD case that provides full protection of the DVD. We recommend you have additional copies for all your DVDs as a very small fee can prevent loss of memories.

Back up and storage hints

Most of the computers in big companies do automatic back up every night …how often do you back up your movies, video tapes, slides and all your precious memories? DVDS are a very reliable storage for all family movies. A similar copy of the same format (DVD, CD, Computer Drive) will make sure you will never loss this memories.

Transferring old memories to more reliable DVD

Memory2DVD is using the best DVD available in the market. We are using Taiyo Yuden OEM DVD-R which has Excellent quality Made in Japan, Taiyo Yuden DVDs are generally regarded as the world's best burnable discs and are commonly used by high end DVD duplication companies around the globe.

Quick reference guide to common media formats

Listed below are a few of the more common media formats. There are variations in many of these but the size, case type and format logo can usually be identified. If in doubt, please call. PAL, SECAM or NTSC formatted tapes can be copied and converted to DVD.


Do you have old film, slides or photos?
Check out our Film and Photos Services page


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