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Roylaines have been restoring and repairing photos since 1957. Whether it’s repairing a tear, scratch, pen mark or removing or adding people and objects, rest assured we’ll fix it. Rather than risk further damage to your original image or negative, we take a high resolution scan and digitally recreate, manipulate and adjust your image. Once we’re finished, we copy the image to CD so you’ll always have a copy.

The Process

We begin with a one-on-one consultation with you which includes an assessment of the picture and what it is you want to create. Based on this evaluation we determine whether it requires a Basic, Medium, Difficult or Complex restoration. We then take a high resolution scan of your image and work with this scan to achieve the result you want.

The restored image is printed and also copied to a disk so that you will always have a backup copy of the image.

Colour Correction

Depending on how you want your restored copy to look, we can match the original colours/tone of the image or give the image a fresh new look. We can turn coloured images to black and white or sepia and even black and white colours to colour! To ensure that the colour/tone of the image is what you want we ask that you guide us as to the way that you want the image to look, especially for colour photos.

Basic Restoration

An image that requires a basic restoration may have small tears or scratches, dust particles or need colour touching.

Basic restorations are $50.

Medium Restoration

Images that require medium restoration work generally involve repairing tears and scratches over clothing and faces. These photographs may also have discoloration.

Medium restorations begin at $80.


Difficult Restoration

Difficult restorations are those that require parts of an image to be recreated. These images may have extensive tears and cracks that need to be recreated.

Difficult restorations start at $100.


Complex Restoration

Images that require complex restorations generally need to repair fine and intricate detail. Images with multiple cracks, large tears or holes, pen marks and stains may qualify as complex restorations.

Complex restorations are $130.


Black and White to Colour

Our technicians take your black and white image and turn it to colour, using authentic colour tones. This process requires your direction on the colour and specific features of the image. Once complete, these images are burnt to CD.

Conversion from black and white to colour is $130.


Do you have boxes of photos laying around? What about artwork that the kids did? Scrapbooks, awards, certificates? Don’t know how to sort them out? Let us do it for you! With our ability and expertise in scanning and digitizing your memories, we can get you on track to getting it all organized. Once your photos have been scanned the possibilities are endless.

Photo Box Scanning

To get those photos sorted, bring in a shoebox filled with your photos and let us do the rest. We’ll scan and colour correct your images and then burn them to a CD or DVD so that you’ll always have a copy, no matter what happens to the originals.

For a fast turnaround, please ensure that:

  • Photos are presorted into size.
  • Remove all staples, pins or adhesive from the photos.

Up to 250 images $39.95, plus CD or DVD

Photos that are mounted or are larger than the shoe box will be
charged at the standard scanning rate. (Click here for more information)

Scrapbooks, Awards & Certificates

We can also turn your favorite scrapbooks, awards and certificates into a digital copy. Once in a digital format you can send it to family and friends or make a classy photobook with your achievements!

Photobooks start from as little as $19.95 and are completely customizable. See us in store for more information on how to make your memories digital!


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